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What are the Advantages of a Premium Employment Domain?

The Power of a .COM

Websites with a premium .COM domain name have more credibility than websites with other extensions.

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At, you can find a wide range of premium domain names targeted specifically at the employment, hiring, and career training industries. People are always looking for jobs, and some people make their living finding jobs for others. Either way, you can grow your business in this sector by building your brand with a relevant and authoritative domain.

The job search is a long and involved process, and when people start looking for a new career, they will normally consult a number of websites. They may be looking for new opportunities, career and resume advice, or just a chance to do some networking. They will not, however, look far beyond the first page of search results - so it's critically important that your domain name in this market is one that carries authority and impacts your search engine rankings.


The best domains are like the best jobs - there is a lot of competition for them and they have the potential for great returns. At , we have spent years curating a list of effective domains that work for job search sites, employment web domains, and other online job resources.

A premium domain is short, memorable, and relevant to your industry. We have years of experience helping entrepreneurs, creative directors, and web developers to acquire the names that are relevant, effective, and easy to build a brand around. Take a look at our current list and purchase yours today.