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Advantages of a Premium Domain

Immediate Online Presence

When you buy a premium domain you are also making an investment in powerful branding capabilities and the potential to generate a large volume of traffic to your site.

A simple domain name is easy to recall and can be instantly associated with the service or product offered by your business.

Increased Traffic Potential

The instant brand you acquire with your premium domain name can help generate traffic from internet users who are unfamiliar with your business.

When your website is associated with a straightforward domain name, customers will be directed to your site when they type a related product or service in a web browser.

Search Engine Ranking

Your domain name can have a noticeable impact on how your website is listed by search engines.

The more basic and identifiable your domain name is with related search queries the more likely it is to be ranked higher in the search results.

How to Use Brandable Domain Names in Your Marketing Strategy

Brandable domains are particularly effective at distinguishing your business, especially when they contain keywords that are relevant to you industry. Businesses that are serious about building a strong brand foundation should seek out a brandable and keyword-focused domain name.

Brandable Domains

There are typically two angles to consider in a domain name - catchy, creative domains can launch a memorable brand, but including keywords in a domain can make it descriptive at a glance.,,, and are just a few examples of Alexa Top 1000 keyword-based domains, but creative domains like and are obvious examples of custom domains with incredible brand strength.

Existing Businesses

If your business already exists then you will want to try to incorporate your current branding into your new domain name. This carries your branding efforts over to your website and is a fantastic way to build your credibility as a brand and expand your sales to the internet marketplace.


Select your domain name with care because it is likely to be heavily associated with your brand.

Printed Marketing Materials
Business Cards
Email Addresses

These are all places where your domain name could end up in the future and your customers will grow to associate this domain name with you. A poorly chosen domain name could force you to move on to a whole new domain name as well as rebrand your entire business.


Is your domain name easy to pronounce? This can be one of the most critical factors in the brandability of the domain. If it cannot be spelled and understood with ease then it will lose out on valuable word-of-mouth marketing.

Take Advantage of .COM Extensions

Domain names that end in .com are the “default” extension, which means that people tend to assume that your domain will end that way. These extensions also tend to be ranked higher by search engines making them easier for customers to find.


In addition to enhancing brandability, premium domain names can also increase click-through-rates on ads and search engine listings. Web users are much more likely to click on a short and succinct domain name than a long, generic or obscure domain.

Domain Name Spelling Errors

Spelling mistakes are common as people attempt to type in a domain name. Failing to purchase common misspellings of your domain name can result in a loss of web traffic. By registering these domain names you can redirect the traffic to your website.

Protecting Your Brand

Since your domain name will be a chief element of your brand you may want to buy similar domain names in addition to other extensions with your domain name (.net, .biz, .org, etc.) to maintain control over your brand. There are three key things to watch out for to safeguard your brand:

People Trying to Deceive Visitors

There are individuals that try to steal web traffic from other established domains. They do this by purchasing similar domain names or the same domain with a different extension. Once they own these domains the only thing you can do to regain control is attempt to purchase it from them at their asking price.

People with the Same Brand Buying Similar Domains

While this is not a deceptive trick to steal traffic, it will distract from your branding efforts and increase your competition. This also means that all your work that goes into building your brand is now benefiting someone else’s business.

Your Domain Name Registration Period

It is critical to keep track of your domain name’s registration period. Always be aware of the duration of ownership remaining and the legal rights associated with your domain name. Failing to renew your registration means that someone else can, and probably will, take it from you and you will have to start from scratch to reestablish your brand and online presence.

A Business Foundation

The brandability of your domain sets the foundation for the results of your marketing campaign. Many factors contribute to domain name success but brandability impacts how users will find, recall, promote and identify your company online.